Thursday, May 26, 2005

Puqee-oh means Always-absent Woman

Bid to save nearly-lost language: "He said linguists found the language fascinating because of its complexity.

'Entire sentences can be built up into a single word,' Dr Stonham said.

'But there are also some concepts that can be encapsulated in a single syllable. A single sound describes the state of remaining in seclusion when the husband goes out to hunt, for example.'

Dr Stonham hopes providing a dictionary of words will encourage teachers to use the language in the classroom and that older people too will be spurred into passing their language on to the next generation."

puqee-oh - Always-absent woman
hina?aluk- I look out for what I know is to happen
Simaacyin?ahinnaanuhsim?aki - their whaling spears were poised in the bow
haasulapi-ck'in?i - sing a little louder

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