Saturday, May 14, 2005

More minimal state...

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Somalia's angels of mercy: "Wire thieves

Mr Abdoulkadir says they used to use an open well but some customers complained about their water quality, so they dug a bore hole and add chlorine to prevent infection.

It may not taste like mineral water but Hawo is not complaining.

Abdoulkadir Hassan Issa
Mr Abdoulkadir's generators serve 180 families
Generators provide electricity along very precarious-looking wires and Isaf has even hooked up fluorescent lights as makeshift street lamps.

Isaf provides running water to 800 families and electricity to another 180 across a large part of south Mogadishu, he says.

The biggest problem Mr Abdoulkadir faces is that thieves take advantage of the absence of law and order to steal the wires and pipes he used to provide his services.

'But at least the militia which controls this area doesn't ask us for protection money,' he says."

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