Sunday, September 10, 2006

Honduras Greens Slam Pollution - Prensa Latina

Honduras Greens Slam Pollution - Prensa Latina: "Honduras Greens Slam Pollution

Tegucigalpa, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) Environmental Organizations and people from the locality of Valle del Siria protested the pollution of the water table with cyanide and arsenic.

Faced with evidence of locals with skin, respiratory problems and other afflictions, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry (SERNA) confirmed those reports Wednesday.

According to the ministry, studies by experts from the organization revealed the existence of cyanide over international levels in tests of water in the Valle de Siria, the country's eastern zone.

SERNA Minister Mayra Mejias stated that results of these tests made from August to December 2005 contained illegally high cyanide levels.

The Valle people have repeatedly denounced that some children and adults suffer skin diseases due to the pollution caused by Entremares company, which has open mines."