Monday, February 20, 2006

"Psychic" admits bilking elderly clients - Yahoo! News

I keep saying, "I told you so." Stop believing. Start doubting."Psychic" admits bilking elderly clients - Yahoo! News: "MIAMI (Reuters) - A self-proclaimed psychic and fortuneteller pleaded guilty Thursday to bilking elderly clients in south Florida out of more than $2 million over an eight-year period, federal officials said.

Linda Marks, 57, of Delray Beach, was accused of preying on the elderly and people suffering from incurable diseases, telling them she could cure them by praying over their money."

US Scientists enlist clergy in evolution battle - Yahoo! News

US Scientists enlist clergy in evolution battle - Yahoo! News: "...pastors are speaking out against it. Warren Eschbach, a retired Church of the Brethren pastor and professor at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania helped sponsor a letter signed by more than 10,000 other clergy.

'We believe that the theory of evolution is a foundational scientific truth, one that has stood up to rigorous scrutiny and upon which much of human knowledge and achievement rests,' they wrote.

Catholic experts have also joined the movement.

'The intelligent design movement belittles God. It makes God a designer, an engineer,' said
Vatican Observatory Director George Coyne, an astrophysicist who is also ordained. 'The God of religious faith is a god of love. He did not design me.'"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

At Churches Nationwide, Good Words for Evolution - New York Times

Christian Fundamentalists read carefully...
At Churches Nationwide, Good Words for Evolution - New York Times: "On the 197th birthday of Charles Darwin, ministers at several hundred churches around the country preached yesterday against recent efforts to undermine the theory of evolution, asserting that the opposition many Christians say exists between science and faith is false."

U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster - New York Times

Glad to see that the USA is such a big supporter of democracy. Oh wait, that is only for government that support a pro-US stance. Can't have governments democratically elected that oppose the USA, unless of course, the possess nuclear weapons. Ever wonder what Iran is up to or why?
U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster - New York Times: "JERUSALEM, Feb. 13 — The United States and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government so that newly elected Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called again, according to Israeli officials and Western diplomats.

The intention is to starve the Palestinian Authority of money and international connections to the point where, some months from now, its president, Mahmoud Abbas, is compelled to call a new election."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oddly Enough News Article |

Just love the fact that he talked non-stop.Oddly Enough News Article | "SYDNEY (Reuters) - A former New Zealand navy diver left adrift at sea for three days survived by eating crayfish and sea slugs after he became separated from friends while diving near an island off the country's coast.

Robert Hewitt, 38, was suffering hypothermia and severe dehydration when he was found in mist and rain by former navy colleagues who joined police divers after an air search was called off, New Zealand Press Association reported.

'This defies survivability, it's bloody awesome,' said police search and rescue Senior Sergeant Bruce Johnson.

Hewitt was found wearing only the bottom of his wetsuit and a yellow catch bag containing the remains of the crayfish and sea slugs that he had eaten during the ordeal, NZPA reported.

Johnson said the diver may have been protected by the thickness of his navy-issue divesuit, and was alert and 'talked non stop' when rescued."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where do I stand...

...on the latest violence over political cartoons depicting Mohammad? Michelle Malkin states my position with clarity and courage. In the priority of rights, freedom of speech must supersede not offending others.
By Michelle Malkin · January 30, 2006 09:37 PM"

Friday, February 03, 2006

Muddle of the Road

Now that just makes it all clear for me. Thanks GW.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Muddle of the Road): "Bush Explains Medicare Drug Bill — Verbatim Quote
Submitted on 2005-12-13

WOMAN IN AUDIENCE: 'I don't really understand. How is it the new plan going to fix the problem?'

Verbatim response: PRESIDENT BUSH:

'Because the — all which is on the table begins to address the big cost drivers. For example, how benefits are calculated, for example, is on the table. Whether or not benefits rise based upon wage increases or price increases There's a series of parts of the formula that are being considered. And when you couple that, those different cost drivers, affecting those — changing those with personal accounts, the idea is to get what has been promised more likely to be — or closer delivered to that has been promised. Does that make any sense to you? It's kind of muddled. Look, there's a series of things that cause the — like, for example, benefits are calculated based upon the increase of wages, as opposed to the increase of prices. Some have suggested that we calculate — the benefits will rise based upon inflation, supposed to wage increases. There is a reform that would help solve the red if that were put into effect. In other words, how fast benefits grow, how fast the promised benefits grow, if those — if that growth is affected, it will help on the red.'"

The Shame of Shane (tefltrade)

The Shame of Shane (tefltrade): "People are leaving Shane in droves, and they are experiencing problems recruiting new staff. This is mainly due to the multitude of illegal practices the company carries out and acts of intimidation that have become common knowledge via the internet and word of mouth in Japan.

For example if you are sick they charge you a day and a half’s pay (people have been forced to leave due to this and incur huge debts), and pay the cover teacher half a day’s pay (if they are lucky)."