Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oddly Enough News Article |

Just love the fact that he talked non-stop.Oddly Enough News Article | "SYDNEY (Reuters) - A former New Zealand navy diver left adrift at sea for three days survived by eating crayfish and sea slugs after he became separated from friends while diving near an island off the country's coast.

Robert Hewitt, 38, was suffering hypothermia and severe dehydration when he was found in mist and rain by former navy colleagues who joined police divers after an air search was called off, New Zealand Press Association reported.

'This defies survivability, it's bloody awesome,' said police search and rescue Senior Sergeant Bruce Johnson.

Hewitt was found wearing only the bottom of his wetsuit and a yellow catch bag containing the remains of the crayfish and sea slugs that he had eaten during the ordeal, NZPA reported.

Johnson said the diver may have been protected by the thickness of his navy-issue divesuit, and was alert and 'talked non stop' when rescued."

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