Wednesday, February 16, 2005

JP II and the death penalty...

With so many Hondurans contemplating who to vote for in the upcoming elections, do you not wonder what the Pope has to say about the subject? Read on...

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"Although [the Pope] does not hold that the death penalty is intrinsically evil, his deep respect for human life inclines him to reject capital punishment in practice. He allows for it when there is no other way to defend society against the criminal, but he also holds that in advanced societies today there are alternatives more in accord with human dignity. When convicts on death row are about to be executed, the pope regularly sends messages to governors asking them to grant clemency.

Earlier official teaching, up through the pontificate of Pius XLI, consistently supported capital punishment. Catholic moral theologians regularly quoted St. Paul to the effect that secular rulers do not bear the sword in vain; they are God's ministers or instruments in executing his wrath upon wrongdoers (Rom 13:4). Thus the authority of the state to put criminals to death does not conflict with the maxim that God alone is the master of life. But John Paul II, to the best of my knowledge, never quotes this text. Why not, I wonder. Does he believe that governments in the modern democratic society still rule with divine authority or that they enjoy only the authority given them by consensus of the governed? Can retributive punishment be a valid reason for the death penalty? Some Catholics interpret John Paul II as opposing the mainstream Catholic tradition and therefore as perhaps teaching unsound doctrine..."

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roberto said...

The main issue against the death penalty in Honduras is religion. Politics and religion cant go together, this was proven more than a hundred years ago.
The pope is right about the death penalty, its the year 2005, we shouldnt be in the need of this type of punishment.
I belive this only applies to places like the USA and europe, where they have enough money and the best technology to catch criminals and put them away in high security prisons.
Not all places have advanced societies. In Honduras there is crime every day, the laws are very flexible, and when a criminal is caught, he/she bails out or escapes. There are places like this all over the world, who dont have the money to build high security prisons to make sure the criminals to get back on the street commiting more crime. In countries like Honduras, there are so many criminals that they dont fit in jail, and there is no money to build any more jails. In poor countries like mine, theres no money for educaction, so theres poverty and no jobs, when there is poverty and work, crime arises.
Jail is not a solution for crime. The death penalty will make criminals think before they act, and it will, for sure take criminals off the streets.