Thursday, February 10, 2005

Do you really believe..... magic, psychics, ghosts, mystical healing, UFOs or other unexplained phenomena? Then you just have to read the Amazing Randi's website and weekly bulletin. He is a famous magician and debunker of the paranormal -- as was Houdini. It takes one to know one. Read more about it here.

And if you want to win 1,000,000 $ US, all you have to do is demonstrate real psychic ability. Even Uri Geller -- the famous spoon bender -- has not taken up the bet. Actually, no one has ever won.

So the next time you see a psychic and he asks, "Do you want me to read your future?" Say to him, "Why don't you tell me? After all, you are the psychic." If he is unable to answer, he must not have been such a good psychic after all.

One final thought -- if any real psychic existed, would you not think that at least one would have used his powers to predict the lottery?

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