Sunday, January 30, 2005

Where does the Bible belong in the classroom?

Christian or non-Christian, atheist or agnostic, what role should religion play in the classroom? Is it ever OK to teach about one religion? If you teach only one, ought you not teach others? This article makes for some interesting reading especially with reference to the Lemon Test.

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BraveSirRubin said...

It is rather simple in my opinion.

The US government has been working to theoreticly separate religion and politics in the last years. Public schools are government and state property, and therefore cannot be forced to teach any religious material. Private schools are indeed private, and have the right to choose a religious affiliation.

I personally disagree with religion being tought in schools. It sets people into an eased off mindset, a limmited one. People limmit themselves to what is shown to them and do not practice creating thier own beliefs and philosophies of life. Religion, as idealistic as it is, is never perfect, and is one of the greatest limmitations on thought in the history of humanity.

Religion is power hungry ,it was created for control and is used for control.

(forgive me for invading your Blog Mr.Schult, I just like the articles, and am very sick at I truly have nothing better to do...Pavel)