Saturday, August 13, 2005

Carry On Korea

Carry On Korea (tefltrade): "What the hell is going on in Korea these days? And no, I don’t mean the nutty People’s Republic of the North, but the southern bit. I’ve read several rather conflicting reports from there in this month’s EL Gazette, and all they all seem to indicate that Korea is a place the dedicated EFL professional should actively try and avoid.

Firstly, there was this odd story about genuine EFL teachers there getting hassled because of the apparent low-life media profile of some of their less desirable colleagues. The magazine states that many EFL teachers are leaving the country as they are “tired of being portrayed as academically unqualified substance abusers and sexual predators”. It transpires that some of these “blonde-haired, blue-eyed tourist-teachers” are having sexual relationships with schoolgirls and offering them something a little stronger than Lucky Strike to smoke. Surely not ?!"

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