Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Education Wonks: Girls Wearing "Boy Bashing" Apparel: Where Is The P.C. Crowd?

The Education Wonks: Girls Wearing "Boy Bashing" Apparel: Where Is The P.C. Crowd?: "Girls Wearing 'Boy Bashing' Apparel: Where Is The P.C. Crowd?

While I was viewing The Fox News Channel yesterday afternoon, I saw something that grabbed my attention. They broadcast a 15 minute segment about a new fashion trend that seems to be caching-on around the country. Girls are wearing t-shirts and purchasing assorted other merchandise that bashes boys.

This stuff is being peddled by a company named David & Goliath (See Wall Street Journal article about the firm and its 36 year-old owner, Todd Goldman, right here.) and is aimed at teenage girls.

The Fox segment was shot at a boutique in Woodmere, New York, named Beautiful Girl. This shop specializes in sales of 'boy bashing' merchandise. The store has been selling lots of it.

Among the articles offered for sale by David & Goliath is the book Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them. Inside this book readers are told:

Girls are bundles of joy and gifts from heaven. Boys pick their nose in front of 7-Eleven.

Girls smell sweet like fresh-cut flowers. Boys smell like doodie and never take showers.

It ends with: Just remember. For every stupid, smelly, cootie-ridden boy, there is a rock...

...Now I know what you might be thinking: "Don't be so sensitive EdWonk, this is just girls having a little fun. No real boys were harmed."

That is true.

But could you imagine what the outcry would be if it were the boys who were wearing the shirts and the girls who were the targets of those rocks?

Where is the outrage from the Politically Correct Crowd?


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