Thursday, April 28, 2005

Getting Through Customs

How much do you know about the customs of other countries? How much do you know about your own? An excellent link.

Getting Through Customs: "../2004Images/logo1.gif"


StaticCompost said...

I recently went to China and getting through there customs was interesting. They had infared scanners scanning for fevers, a sympton of SARS. you also needed a visa that gave you a small window to enter and depart from China. Getting these visas was no easy task. Im from the US and I kno a little about the customs here. When you enter you need either a visa or a greencard and your fingerprints and picture are taken upon entry. Many countries are now upgrading and will be taking DNA samples.

Dave said...

I have found the going through US customs to be also difficult. There is even talk of having Canadians show a passport when entering the US and up until now all that was needed was a driver's license. All this talk of fingerprints, photographing and DNA analysis reminds me of some Orwellian nightmare.