Sunday, March 13, 2005


School Food


G.I. G.O. I always say. Garbage In Garbage Out is as true for what we read, watch and even eat. And anyone who has ever taught a class load of pubescent thirteen year olds who have just gorged themselves on the latest of sugar-laden snacks and caffeinated sodas for lunch can attest to this. Get rid of the garbage sold in the school caseta/cafeteria.

At EIS in Honduras, our situation is unique. The operator of the caseta is contracted out each year -- though always to the same group. They serve all their food on non-recyclable Styrofoam, paper and plastic. Hygiene is questionable at best. And by far the most popular foods, beside the Honduran balliada, are sucrose infused caffeine-encrusted junk food. We might as well sell the kids crack or speed.

Add to the mix ADD and hyperactive students and wonder why little work gets done. Students need to eat healthy food in order to process information more effectively. They actually will eat healthy food if the alternatives are taken away from them. And they will stop complaining about the lack of choices too, once they are used to it.

But wait, is this not some sort of fascist food police? No, as we have not taken away the student's ability to bring in food they want. But given the Honduran heat, warm sodas and melted sugar bombs will not be that popular. And good thing -- unless you want to teach those hyperactive sugar junkies some Friday after lunch.

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Pavel Rubin said...

The food here at EIS is junk, but the blame goes on the board of directors; the parents. The food in the caseta illustrates how these people lead thier lives at home. Honduras has never been heath based, a Vegan cannot survive here.

The board of directors hire this "junk" producing caseta for thier children, in order to save a buck or two but also because the country has not tought them that a healthy gastronomy exists.

If the parents and the cihldren were to be informed of heathy food which is daily available to them in sunny Honduras, then they would probebly overthrow the caseta... sadly though, the school cares more about giving a bunch of spoiled rich kids air conditionairs than about keeping a bunch of spoiled rich kids healthy.